Painted Canvas Instagram Photos

I had a strong desire to paint something last week.  Too bad I'm not a painter.  :)
Then I stumbled across this lovely new blog and this blog post and decided to pull out my colorful paints and make the most of some of the Instagram photos I had printed of our summer.  I didn't have any blocks handy (nor do I trust myself enough with any type of cutting device), so I stopped by the craft store and picked up a handful of 4x4 canvases. 

These little canvases are so stinkin' cute that I actually had a hard time at first painting them.  But, Drew convinced me they needed color, so we pulled out our paints and got to work!

The colors are so bright and so vibrant and totally scream summer.  They actually kind of make me want some ice cream (is it just me??).

After the paint dried, I used Mod Podge to adhere my instagram photos to the canvases.  So so easy! 

The kids and I have been having a little fight about where these pretties get to hang.  Right now, I have them in my craft room.  Since they are so light, I was able to adhere them with removeable poster adhesive, which is probably a good thing because I'm pretty sure the kids are going to try to sneak them into their rooms soon!

Wherever they end, they will remind us of summer and our fun memories. 
There's nothing better than your awesome life looking back at you everyday.



A grid of photos and letters??  Big surprise there, right? I swear that all of my page are starting to look exactly alike - I guess it must just be the phase or mood I'm in right now.  I'm all about the photos, so the more on a page, the better!

The Studio Calico Pop Art kits are BOLD and vibrant this month!  The papers in the main kit really are so much, so if you are subscriber this month, get ready for a pop of color!  And if you aren't, then what are you waiting for??  :)

As soon as I opened my main kit and saw those big black letters, I knew I wanted to create a graphic title on my page and pair them with black and white photos.  I printed my photos to be roughly the same size as the letters and then backed a few of the photos with some of the colorful papers from the kit.

I originally had all of the "spots" on the page filled in for a complete grid, but I decided to remove a few of the papers/photos and leave some blank space on the page.  I sprinkled in a few of the transparent circles in the empty boxes and then tucked a few of the larger circles under photos and letters. 

It really was a fun page to put together and it was a great way to utilize a few photos on one page!!  I'm always trying to put as many photos on a page as I can, lol! :)


Mini Book Workshop

The August Pop Art reveal is happening RIGHT NOW over at Studio Calico and I just couldn't wait one more second to share my mini album kit with you!  It is so darn cute and I've had so much fun working with it!  

I put together a little "kit-unboxing" video just to give you a good look at everything that is included with this kit!  The frames are just divine and that LOVE stamp.....sigh.  So much fun!

Enrollment for my mini album is still going on, so grab your kit before they are gone (subscribers can pick up the kit now and non-subscribers can snag it at 3pm EST today) and join me in the classroom!  Class starts on August 10th and I can't way to hang out with you all!  

Are you in? Are you in??


Around Here

Oh summer.
You are still going strong and my brain is being pulled in two different directions.  I have one in school with homework, and one still sleeping in and pretending it's still summer vaca.  One who needs a lunchbox packed each day and folder checked each night.  Another one who is ready for our next day-date adventure and is slowly destroying my house with his messes.  We are all over the place, which is probably evident by these very random "around here" photos.  We're trying to get back in a groove, but it's hard to pretend like it's not summer when it feels like we live on the sun.  Did I mention I was ready for fall?  


July Project Life Album

One thing I've learned throughout my monthly Project Life "book" process is that photos are timeless.  I sat down and looked through all six of my previous albums prior to starting the 7th (thinking what in the world did I get myself into, LOL), and after the first few pages, I knew exactly why I do this.  I do this to document our memories.  I do this to preserve the today.  I do this so I can look at all I have in our life.  I do this to remember. 

We all have our own way of remembering things.  Some take photos, some journaling, some create mini albums (or lots and lots of mini albums in my case).  I think part of it is about the process, but the BIG part of it is about remembering.

I tried to be more thoughtful and reflective in my album this month.  I tried to add more journaling and stories.  But I have to admit - the storytelling part isn't easy for me.  I'm too literal, too in the moment, I think.  And other times, I'm too far away from the moment - so the story actually becomes more of my "feelings" and interpretation.

But the best part, I realized, is that it doesn't matter.  It doesn't matter how I tell my story, or what I add.  It doesn't matter if I write a single word, or an entire paragraph.  What matters is that I'm remembering and documenting (whether it be now or later).  I'm remembering the moment.  The small moments.  Those everyday moments.

This month, I used a 5.5x8.5 binder that I picked up from Target.  I contemplated cutting the covers off and just using book rings to bind my book, but I loved the way the binder looked in ONE piece, so I just ran with it.

I had to alter my page protectors to work with the binder by trimming off the inside "punched-hole" edge and then punching my own holes, but it worked out perfectly!  I kind of have a love-hate relationship with plastic page protectors anyway...

These 2x2 pockets, though, are the love part of my love-hate relationship.  I just can't pass up an evenly spaced, perfect collage.

I added in a few "scrapbook-ish" types of pages in the book, and I also tried to utilize a bit of white space on some of pages.  Love the white space.

And my very favorite page of the entire month, has to be this "he-she" photo page.  I printed a photo on an 8.5x11 piece of photo paper and then trimmed it around the edges and evenly down the middle.  I used some of the alpha stamps from the Studio Calico Fairground kits to stamp out "he" and "she" and then typed up some "favorites" of my kiddos right now.  I mean, I kinda want to make an entire book out of he/she, so be warned!