My Take on Art Journaling...Part 2

This art journal is my new favorite project!  I love the look and the thought behind each page.  It remind me of my mini albums in some ways.  My take on this art journal has continues to have more of a "scrapbook" approach and I am totally fine with that.  It continues to shows my style....lots of white space with fun pops of color throughout.  It's simple and beautiful (to me) at the same time.  

Although I create many pages, Project Life spreads and mini books, this journal has a totally different feel to me.  It's a place where I can get down exactly what I'm feeling right at that moment.  I don't have to worry about the supplies I use or trying to make it a certain way.  I just create and that's very freeing and exciting.  Some days I will make a few pages in my journal...and some days I will make one that is super personal to me or for my children.  It's a little place where I can write notes to my kids, myself or my husband.  It's "my" journal and I just love it.

Today, I wanted to share a few more pages of my art journal, as well as a quick little video walking you through my book.  You can see images of the first pages in part 1 of "My Take on Art Journaling" here.

Anyone else currently taking the class at A Beautiful Mess?  If you've posted your album on your blog or in a gallery, leave me a link! I would love to check it out! 


Easter Love

I love when the Easter clothes come out and every kids starts carrying around a basket full of plastic eggs (and I secretly love stealing my kid's candy while they sleep....shhhh).  We broke out our baskets for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt this past weekend and looking back through these pages and photos just made me tear up.  Wow...kids sure do grow fast, don't they.

I have two Easter pages from last year up right now.  One is in Issue 5 of Jot Magazine and the other can be found on the Glitz Design blog.  Both pages are super simple and sweet with plenty of pastel colors and white space.

I started this page with my photo and the small text heart card from the Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic collection.  I wanted the simple heart card to be somewhere around my photo, but I wasn't quite sure how I wanted the layout to be.  And just like I do normally, I just push paper around until I like the design and layout.  Once I was satisfied with where my photo and card would be, I started building my layers around those two.  The top and bottom paper borders and little bits and pieces were the finishing touches!

For this layout, I was inspired by the blue of my son's shirt and wanted to pull coordinating papers from a few of the newer Glitz Design collection.  I trimmed the papers down to roughly 3x4  and then started creating a horizontal band across the middle of my page.  I didn't want everything to line up perfectly, so I tried to overlap the papers and have some higher/lower than the others.  I finished this page with a few paper strips, a title, some paint splatters and a cute little bunny (who also was the recipient of a few paint splatters....oops!). 

I have some new Easter related pages and Project Life spreads coming soon!  Can't wait to share more.  Until then, I will leave you with this cute little bunny of mine!!


Project Life: Adding Ephemera & Memorabilia

I shared this post about adding ephemera and memorabilia to your Project Life spread over at Gossamer Blue last week and thought I would share it here as well!  Enjoy!

As I was putting together my Life Pages spreads this month, I found myself with quite a bit of ephemera and memorabilia.  Some months I have very few little extra bits and pieces and some months I end up with more than normal.  I love adding memorabilia and anything extra that pertains to our "everyday" into my Life Pages spreads.  I'm a "collector" by nature, so having a place to keep all of these things is a win-win to me. 

I have a small tray in my craft room where I throw in anything that I might want to put into my album.  I keep receipts, business cards, letters, movie tickets, paint swatches, menus, pertinent mail, etc.  I also will throw in any small pieces of artwork my children bring home from school.

When I'm ready to put together my weeks, I grab out the dish and see what might fit with the photos I have.  I usually use the ephemera or memorabilia to tell our story from that week.  

One of the stories that I included in my Life Pages spread this month was a little overnight trip my husband and I took to celebrate our anniversary.  I stocked up on key cards, menus, coasters and pretty hotel papers just so I could add them to my album.

This photo above is the pocket that our room card was placed in.  The flowers were so pretty, I couldn't resist using it this week.  I trimmed it down to roughly 3x4 inches and added my journaling into the white space.  It's so pretty and it made the perfect journaling card!

This tomato seed packet made the cut as well this week.  We are starting our garden and my husband is obsessed with plants.  I paired a Life Pages journaling card with the packet to tell the story.

Here, I've added in a plane ticket stub and a few clothing tags.  The ticket fills in the blanks about my husband's work this week and the tags give the perfect impression of what is "current" in my kids' lives right now.

I used part of a Starbucks bag to add a "his/hers" coffee choice into my spread.  This little card tells the story and you don't really need more info or even a photo.

As I mentioned, I'm a collector of "things".  This room key definitely was making it's way into my month.  To keep it from sliding around, I adhered it to a pretty journaling card.

While these next two aren't actually pieces of memorabilia, I thought they fit pretty well in this category.

Recording what we ate is sometimes fun to include....but I rarely remember to snap a photo while cooking or eating.  In this above photo, I took a screenshot of my Pinterest board that had the meal I made and printed it out.  I trimmed down one of the Life Pages journaling cards and added it to the lower half of my picture to make it a little more personal and relevant.

I'm sure this photo has made it's way into quite a few Project Life albums.  I knew I wanted to include it as soon as I saw them snap the photo at the Oscars.  To make it a little more about "us", I typed out the movies nominated for Best Picture and then added an asterisk next to the ones we had watched.  Just something a little different.  Adding current events and pop culture is always fun!

Here is a look at my two completed Project Life spreads:

Thanks so much for joining me today!  I hope I have inspired you to add more ephemera and memorabilia to your albums!

Happy Monday!!


12 on the Twelfth: April Photos

Another 12 on the Twelfth is in the books!  I'm still quite shocked that I ended up with 12 pictures from today!  I  started off strong, but the to-do list quickly got in the way of my camera.  I feel like the photos totally capture our day, though.  It was all about my husband and a party.... 

I ended up with way more "subject" photos than I'm usually get, but I love the emotion and happiness that is captured from today.  It was a good day.  Good food, good fun, good friends and good family.  Really, there's nothing better.  

Here's a look at our day...

If you were able to play along, I would love for you to link up your photos!!  And if you missed today, pick another day and then link up.  There are no rules with this fun project!!  Happy snapping!


12 on the Twelfth...April

Today is the 12th of the month and that means it's time to grab out that camera!  As much as I feel like the 12th pops up right after the 1st of the month, I really do love this little project.  I wasn't exactly sure if I was going to go through with the pictures this month because today happens to be a super busy day for us.  It's my husband's birthday and we've invited all of our neighbors and friends over for an outdoor party, so you can only imagine what all needs to be done....  But, I started looking back through my Project Life spreads of my 12 on the 12th photos and they just warmed my heart.  I love the random photos I've snapped of our day and I love how they really do speak to our everyday.  I think my "everyday" photos have fallen a little short this year since I've switched to a monthly approach and don't really worry when I take my photos.  I'm super happy with the monthly approach, but I love that I have the 12 on the 12th photos.  I love that glimpse of our lives.

So, heck yeah, I'll have my camera out today!  I hope you will join me if you have time!  It really is fun to do, and there is no pressure at all.  You don't have to get 12 photos and they don't have to be today.  It's just a fun reminder to play around with your camera and capture your everyday!

I'm not sure if I will have my photos up on Sunday, but we shall see.  Feel free to link up your photos in the comments section here if my photos aren't up and a linky isn't up!!  Can't wait to see your day!

You can click the links below to be taken to my January, February and March photos.

And I thought it would be fun to pull the Project Life spreads that I made with these photos.  This is by far my favorite part....getting them off of my camera and into my album.  I've linked up each page below if you would like to see more photos or find out how that spread came together.


Glitz Design Inspiration

Happy Friday!  I have two new Glitz Design projects to share with you today!  Things have been so out-of-control crazy, I haven't even had time to post them yet.  I'm room mom for both my son and daughter's classrooms and it's been "cray cray", if you know what I mean. 

Anyhoo...on to the layouts. 

This first one was made with the new 77 collection.  I really wanted to go with a bold background on this one and added a piece of patterned paper to more than half of my page.  Then I layered on my photo, a few trimmed triangles for accents and added my journaling down the right hand side of my paper. 

Song lyrics and music is the theme at Glitz this week, and I drew inspiration from the "Oh baby it's a wild world" card.  I kept the main focus of my layout at the top of the page and used the "Squirrels" paper from the Carpe Diem collection to break up the white space.  

Be sure to visit the Glitz blog for more amazing inspiration from the Design Team!!