Stephanie Makes Shop Update

The new goodies in my shop will be available on October 1st!  As I mentioned, I am in total "fall" mode, so the shop is full of pretty golds, krafts, florals and wood veneer!  I have lots of fall mini albums, as well as a pretty gold "Oh Happy Day" mini album kit!  Oh...and there's also a sprinkle of hot pink in the shop too....just for fun!!  


Life Is A Beautiful Ride

There are so many rewarding things about being a momma.  Seeing your child accomplish something so awesome and watching them stare at you with pride is one of the best things ever.  Anna was beaming with pride as she learned to ride her bike in about 10 minutes flat and I was about three seconds away from tears.  She needed a little bit of help with balancing initially, but she was off and running after a few tries.  We've had her training wheels off for months, but she just wasn't ready.  We would ask her every so often if she wanted to go practice, but she was always a little too scared.  That's her personality, though.  She's not going to do something until she's able to do it 100%.  I love that about her.  I love her determination and drive when she wants to do something.  And I love that I got to help her and watch her accomplish this awesome milestone.  I'm so proud of you, baby girl. 

And if you want to join in on this magical milestone, just watch the quick video below!


Maggie Holmes' Design Team: September Project Life

Hi there!!  Happy Thursday! 
I'm over on Maggie's blog today sharing a look at my most recent Project Life spread.  I used my very favorite page protector for this one (the October Afternoon one with the 3x3 inch pockets) and I just love how it turned out.  Those Styleboard products just make everything look beautiful!  Can't wait to get my hands on the new Open Book collection!!  Are you excited too??


Little Talks

YOU: Are tracked out of school right now and are my little shadow all day long.  You love shopping and could shop for clothes, shoes, accessories and toys for hours.  You love picking out the "perfect" outfits, which always include some pretty shoes and a matching headband.  You can easily rock red, pink and orange all together, no problem at all.  You are obsessed with filling up your "marble jar" and will do just about anything to get another marble.  You are an awesome listener and a rule follower.  You always eat your fruit and veggies first, ask politely for seconds and clean up your own plate.  You love being wherever I am, and shine when I ask you to be my helper.  You still suck that thumb when you are tired, but we are working on that (slowly, obviously). You are sweet as pie and as cute as they come.  You love to cuddle with momma, which just melts my heart. 

ME: I'm loving our "girl" time together when Drew is in school.  I'm trying to find a love for shopping so I can keep up with you, but that doesn't look like it's happening any time soon!  I'm taking a much needed social media break and I'm loving every minute of my "free" time.  I'm working on "just being", which is actually really hard for me.  I'm trying to remind myself to slow down and enjoy these little moments...not to rush through to the next planned activity, meal, etc.  I'm reading books like the library is getting ready to close.  I'm wearing kimonos and sweaters all day everyday and I can't get enough of apple almond butter cookies.